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The Refocus Signal: Making it Work!

Managing noise during independent work is quite different than noise management in the Cooperative Learning class. In cooperative learning we encourage interaction. We move from the traditional notion that “A good class is a quiet class,” to “Learning involves healthy noise.” Some teachers fear by allowing students to talk and interact, they might lose control of their classrooms. Using Kagan Cooperative Learning, we release a great deal of energy. We allow students to do what they most want to do: talk, interact and move. It makes sense then that we must be able to stop the release of energy and/or direct it in a productive way. Without an effective refocus signal that gets the students to focus on the teacher some teachers spend an enormous amount of time and energy trying to get the attention of all their students, “may I get your attention, please?” “Quiet please!” are phrases repeated many many times.

The Refocus Signal
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