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Building Classroom Community
Bully Free Classrooms!

When students feel safe, included, and appreciated, they enjoy school more; they blossom socially and academically. When students feel threatened or that they don’t belong, their minds shut down, they disengage, or they become discipline problems. Learn proven strategies to create a positive classroom community to nurture academic and social and emotional learning (SEL). In this dynamic, interactive workshop, you experience the power of simple strategies to create positive classroom communities. Create a more interactive and caring class with energising classbuilders. Build bonds and celebrate diversity with teambuilders. Students feel more cared about by their teammates and classmates. Join us to learn how to reduce violence and racism with easy-to-use strategies that reduce the psychological and emotional distance between classmates. Create a sense of belonging in your classroom where kindness and friendships can flourish. Experience first-hand how to transform your classroom into mutually supportive learning community.

This workshop is also available Live Online via zoom.


Workshop Highlights:

  • Create a caring, cooperative classroom (face-to-face or virtual) through energising classbuilding activities.

  • Make your lessons come alive; use strategies to reach all your students. Create the “will” for students to work together and teach the “skills” of teamwork.

  • Reduce the achievement gap; Foster belonging for students of all ability levels.

  • Reduce perceived threat and free up students’ minds to learn more, think more, and be more creative.

  • Establish a classroom environment where everyone wants to be – including you!

  • Engage students and avoid classroom disruptions through classbuilding and teambuilding

  • Teach students the skills they really need to succeed in school and throughout their lives

  • Promote caring, kindness, empathy, respect and responsibility without separate lessons

  • Increase students ability to value differences in teammates and themselves

  • Develop your students’ social skills as they cooperate with teammates and classmates in breakout rooms

  • Learn structures to meet the five aims of classbuilding and teambuilding

  • Energise your entire class with movement and celebrations

  • Realise the importance of teambuilding not only in education settings but also in the world of work

  • Experience first-hand how to build a sense of community in a virtual setting

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Rave Reviews:

“Wow! So much great stuff! I’m convinced that classbuilding and teambuilding are almost more important than academic content. Can’t wait to start implementing these structures in my classroom.”

S. Montgomery, EYFS Teacher

“I like the way this workshop showed how to incorporate all the pieces not just the structures. It helped me see how teambuilding and classbuilding are just as important as the subject content.”

M. Rush, Science Teacher

“Thank you for another incredible workshop. I feel confident to continue using my Kagan Structures with these easy modifications.”

J. McKinley, Maths Teacher

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