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Kagan Stuctures for
Little Ones (KS1 / EYFS)

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Engagement! Learning! Social Skills!

EYFS / KS1 is a critical time in a child’s education. Students come to class with vastly different abilities and experiences, and we want them all to experience early success academically and socially. The quicker we can embed crucial social and communication skills, the faster they will start achieving academically. Learn the best Kagan Structures to engage all your little ones. Learn how to get your budding students to follow directions, how to work in pairs or teams, how to share and take turns, how to communicate effectively, how to think critically, and of course, how to master the content and skills to succeed in school.

KaganUK will give you the structures and adaptations necessary to make cooperative learning a huge hit with your youngsters. If you seek to create a cooperative and caring classroom, then this workshop is a ‘must do’ on your CPD calendar.


How To Book

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Workshop Highlights:

  • Learn the best Kagan Structures to use with younger children

  • Master simple management techniques that make your class hum

  • Get your little ones off to the right start with terrific teamwork skills

  • Meet your youngsters’ need to talk, move, and play in a productive way

  • Create a cooperative and caring class where everyone wants to be

  • Boost comprehension and retention by engaging their minds and bodies

  • Use fun and easy strategies to reach high standards for all students

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“Wonderful! Thank you for making Kagan more doable for Early Years. Great, great, great!”

Sandy Hewitt, EYFS Teacher

“Awesome-Just what I needed to bring Kagan to a younger level.”

Connie Johnson, EYFS Teacher

“So grateful the unique needs for my little ones were met.”

Jamie Monroe, EYFS Teacher

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