Meet The Team


Gavin Clowes

Director and Founder of KaganUK. Gavin is a certified International Kagan Trainer with over 30 Years Experience in Education.


Lisa Slinger

Lisa is a Certified National Kagan Trainer who has been delivering workshops for KaganUK since 2012.


Emma Rollins

Emma Rollins is a teacher with over 15 years experience covering all ages and abilities  She is a Certified National Associate Kagan Trainer working with schools throughout the UK. 

Kagan UK Trainers


Carrie Thomas

Carrie Thomas is a teacher and School Leader with great experience. Carrie is a certified National Kagan Trainer and is the newest member of the KaganUK team.

Andrea Wood

Andrea Wood has worked across all sectors of education for many years. Andrea is a certified National Kagan Trainer and as worked with KaganUK for over 10 years.

Participants Say...

"Lots of information on the basics of Kagan Cooperative Learning. Really, really helpful. I have tried Kagan for a few years based upon my own reading about it, but the workshop has transformed my understanding! The instructor completely knew the workshop inside and out- energising real life practise at the structures was given, all questions were answered clearly so I felt the big picture made sense. BEST training I have been on in years! Thank you. I feel this will have a real, immediate impact on both my teaching and the children's learning."

J. Pearson, Assistant Headteacher

"Content: Strategies for instant engagement and how to structure equal participation. The instructor was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable throughout the session. I could ask questions with confidence as I knew I would not be judged just reassured. I enjoyed the training and I can't wait to use it in  my class, my head is already exploding with ideas!"

C. Marsden, Teacher

"Content: Absolutely relevant for our children in our classes, in our schools, in our world! Realstic and 'do-able'. Strategies for instant engagement and how to structure equal participation. The instructor was  really down to earth and understands 'our world' which makes trusting what he says so easy- made me a believer. Loved the practical aspects- can't wait for Monday morning to watch the miracle start to take place!"

G. V. Vuuren, Teacher

"In my thirteen years of attending workshops and training, this has been the ONLY information I have received that I feel I will use until I retire."

E. Slyow, Teacher