Meet The Team

Gavin Clowes

Director and Founder of KaganUK. Gavin is a certified International Kagan Trainer with over 30 Years Experience in Education.

Lisa Slinger

Lisa is a Certified National Kagan Trainer who has been delivering workshops for KaganUK since 2012.

Emma Rollins

Emma Rollins is a teacher with over 15 years experience covering all ages and abilities  She is a Certified National Associate Kagan Trainer working with schools throughout the UK. 

Kagan UK Trainers

Carrie Thomas

Carrie Thomas is a teacher and School Leader with great experience. Carrie is a certified National Kagan Trainer and is the newest member of the KaganUK team.

Andrea Wood

Andrea Wood has worked across all sectors of education for many years. Andrea is a certified National Kagan Trainer and as worked with KaganUK for over 10 years.