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Kagan Win-Win Discipline

Strategies to End Every Disruption!

Win-Win Discipline is the most concrete and comprehensive classroom discipline programme available. Used worldwide, Win-Win transforms our concept of discipline: Discipline is not something we do to students; it is something we help students acquire! Are there disruptions in your classroom you'd love to eliminate? Learn winning step-by-step strategies for every discipline problem. Win-Win Discipline gives you easy-to-use strategies for prevention, for the moment-of-disruption, and for follow-ups. You'll learn to recognise and respond differently to the seven positions that cause almost all discipline problems. Convert disruptions into learning opportunities. Disruptive students win: They learn responsible ways to meet their needs for a lifetime. The class wins: Students spend their time learning, unhindered by disruptions. You win: You get to teach without interruptions. Win-Win changes everything. Come to school excited to teach! Organise your KaganUK Workshop today.


Workshop Highlights:

  • Boost your confidence in handling all types of disruptions you face

  • Understand why your students misbehave and what to do about it

  • Promote responsible behaviour in your classroom

  • Deal appropriately with aggression, confrontations, rule breaking, withdrawal, and clowning

  • Channel your overly energetic students' disruptive behaviour into productive learning

  • Adopt preventative discipline strategies that address problems before they happen

  • Create a safe, comfortable classroom focused on learning, not discipline

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"Best training I've been on in years! Thank you. I feel like this will have a real, immediate impact on both my teaching and the children's learning."

Jessica Pearson, Assistant Headteacher

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