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Can little ones really do cooperative learning? You bet! Take it from Melissa, a Kagan Trainer, who has taught PreK, kindergarten, first, and second grades for more than a decade. By implementing Kagan Structures in her classroom, she witnessed the miracle of active engagement. Students matured from it's all about me to taking turns, sharing, listening, helping each other, and cooperating. Now you too can witness the miracle of active engagement with your own students. Melissa provides you with everything from getting started to succeeding with her six favorite structures for youngsters: Find Someone Who, Formations, Mix-Freeze-Group, Numbered Heads Together, Primary Interview, and Turn Toss. For each structure, you receive simple instructions, a reproducible poster page to lead students through the structure, hints and tips specific to the primary grades, and activities galore. Your students will become more cooperative, caring, and engaged as you use these six simple, full-engagement structures. Don't miss Melissa's top ten management tips to make Kagan work for little ones.

Cooperative Learning for Primary

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