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Skyrocket critical and creative questions in your classroom with carefully crafted questions. One of the most frequent and important thing teachers do is ask questions. In fact, teachers ask up to hundreds of questions per day. This 11" x 17" easy-reference card is designed to help you ensure that your questions engage and develop your students' multifaceted thinking skills. It includes a discussion of fat vs. skinny questions, high-consensus vs. low-consensus questions, and true vs. review questions. It overviews the importance of critical and creative questions and links classroom questions to developing thinking skills. Inside, you will find over 100 re-usable question starters for 36 types of thinking. The question starters are great to enrich your questions and they're terrific for the student-generated questioning activities described on the back. Keep this little smart card handy and remember Einstein's advice "The important thing is to never stop questioning."

Thinking Questions SmartCard

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