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This is your user's guide to one of the most simple, yet most powerful cooperative learning structures out there. With this SmartCard in your hands, you will have a world of options to get your students thinking, pairing, and sharing. There's so much more to thinking than just saying, "Think about it." And this card will give you plenty of thinking strategies: From "Free See" to "Mindhop" to "Think Link." You'll have your students thinking about the content from all angles. Actively engage pairs with strategies such as: "Unpack, ""Spin Off," and "Read/Dig." And, of course, a Think-Pair-Share SmartCard wouldn't be complete without a variety of techniques for students to share their learning or responses. Use "Mask, ""Secret Show," and "Sculpture" to transform your classroom into an information supersharing highway

Think-Pair-Share SmartCard

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