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In this class set, you receive 14 double-sided mats; 10 mats for teams of four and 2 of each mat for teams of five and teams of three. One side is a ManageMat. Each team places a ManageMat in the centre of the team table. With a glance at their mats, students know every teammate's number (1 to 4). They know who is their Face Partner, Shoulder Partner, and Colour Partner. And they know who's Partner A and Partner B each time they pair up. When you call for Student #3 on each team to stand, to start, or to collect the team materials, everyone knows exactly who needs to do what. When you tell students to pair up with their Face Partner and Partner A will solve the first problem and Partner B will coach, no one is confused. The other side is a Fan-N-Pick mat. Fan-N-Pick is a cooperative learning review structure students play using question or review cards on any topic. The mat leads students through this interactive structure, ensuring everyone keeps actively involved! No one tunes out so everyone learns. Manage team and pair interactions like a pro with the ManageMat. Create power-packed thinking and review sessions with the Fan-N-Pick Mat. Two awesome mats in one!

TeamMats Class Set of 14 - ManageMats & Fan-N-Pick

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