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More than 300 ready-to-use templates for: 1) Graphic Organizers, 2) Mathematics, 3) Language Arts, 4) Science, 5) Social Studies, 6) Response Cards, and 7) Games. Templates are designed as slip-in sheets for the SwitchBoard, but can be used as worksheets too. Use graphic organizers to develop core thinking skills such as comparing and contrasting, sequencing, and identifying cause and effect. Boost student's mathematical skills with math templates for time, money, graphing, fractions, and more. Develop literacy skills by having students map out story characters and define vocabulary terms. Introduce students to key science concepts with the provided diagrams. Promote an understanding of humans and the world with social studies templates such as maps, current events, and timelines. Encourage active engagement for all with response cards to get every student responding. And you'll even find some classic logic games students can play.

SwitchBoard - A Treasure Chest of Reproducible Tem

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