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Put the power of graphic organisers in your students' hands literally. Simply tell students to compare and contrast two characters in a book. Or outline the steps of the new math algorithm. Or draw a mind map to review the unit. Students pull out their MindMats and go to work. MindMats are double-sided dry erase boards that illustrate the 29 best classroom thinking frames such as Venn Diagrams, Chain, Mind Map, Tree, Fish Bone. Students have a quick visual reference for creating their own graphic organisers. The oversized 11" x 17" mats are large enough to place in the centre of a team table for the whole team to simultaneously work on the graphic. As teachers, we've heard the research and witnessed the power of graphic organisers. With MindMats, you can easily make graphic organisers a regular part of your daily lessons. Save paper and save time as you boost thinking skills and content learning. Use with Kagan's dry erase markers and erasers.

MindMats 8 Graphic Organizer Mats

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