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Transform your classroom into a visual think tank with graphic organizers! This colourful 11" x 17" SmartCard describes the rationale for using graphic organizers, provides ideas and activities across the curriculum, and illustrates over 30 graphic organizers including: Chains, Ladder, Cycle Graph, Mind Map, Venn Diagrams, Word Web, Concept Map, Concept Charts, Compare/Contrast Charts, PMI, Target, Pie Chart, Fish Bone, Categories, Tree, Pyramid, Matrix, Plot. You'll find loads of ideas to use graphic organizers in your class: Have students graph the seasons with a Cycle Graph, compare and contrast the branches of government or story characters with a Venn Diagram, Mind Map any important concepts, draw the events of a story or historical event with a Picture Strip, and analyze cause and effect with a Fish Bone. An excellent quick-reference card for all types of graphic organizers.

Graphic Organizers SmartCard

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