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This class set has been designed to help you manage your little ones as they work in teams. In this class set, you receive 14 double sided mats: 10 mats for teams of four and 2 of each mat for teams of five and teams of three. Each team places a mat in the centre of the team table or between them on the carpet. Pick which side you want to use with your students. One side is the Number Mat that has all the bells and whistles. With this side, each student has a unique number and a unique colour so you can easily select one student to start by number or colour. Everyone is assigned andA or B so that when they pair up you can say, "Partner A, please share with Partner B". The Animal Mat is on the other side, use this simplified mat with your youngest children. There is a cute dog or cat so you can have cats pair up with a dog next to them or across from them. One glance down at their mats and your little ones know exactly who needs to do what.

EYFS / Primary Team Mats - Class Set of 14 - Number

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