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Charting the Voyage Toward a Community of Leaders and Learners, Spencer Kagan, Karen Kettle, Don McLean, & Chris Ward (All Grades). Meetings are one of the few times that the staff is together. When structured well, they become the royal road to creating a community of leaders and learners. This groundbreaking resource offers both a vision and map: It charts the course to building positive staff relationships, ongoing professional development among staff, and empowering your staff to make wise decisions. Section 1: Building Relationships shows you how to improve staff relationships, build powerful staff teams, create community, and develop collaborative skills. Section 2: Developing as Professionals shows you how to use a range of structures as an integral part of meetings to foster staff development and model improved classroom teaching. Section 3: Making Decisions provides specific, step-by-step structures and procedures to make informed, collaborative decisions. Section 4: Leading Meetings is your insider�s guide for creating a true community of leaders and learners.This tabbed binder includes tons of backlines to use immediately in any meeting, meeting scenarios, learning logs, and hints.It is the product of 15 years of development and field testing; everything in this rich resource has been tried and proven.Finally, everything you need to set sail with your faculty on an enriching and fun adventure toward a community of leaders and learners. 536 pages.

Cooperative Meetings

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