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Join T2TUK/KAGAN UK for the 2020 Kagan Summer Academy

at the Deanwater Hotel, Woodford, Cheshire, SK7 1RJ

Thursday 11th and Friday 12th June 2020

Kagan Summer Academy

Create full student engagement with Kagan Structures—simple yet powerful cooperative learning instructional strategies. Supported by a large body of scientific research, and proven effective in countless classrooms, schools, and districts, this revolutionary way to teach is transforming teaching and learning. Come and experience the power of Kagan Structures. See how easy it is to use teamwork and pairs to create a greater level of engagement than you imagined possible, even for your reluctant learners. We're not talking about group work. We're talking the real deal, and knowing the difference is the difference between engaging some and engaging all students. When we engage all students, they all learn more. They have fewer discipline problems. And because the structures are so cooperative and interactive, they work wonders for students' social skill development. Come and learn easy ways to use Kagan Structures as a part of every lesson, creating greater engagement, deeper understanding of the content, improved retention, and greater liking for class and content. KaganUK will give you the Seven Keys to unlock the door to successful cooperative learning. If you want more fun in teaching, highly engaged students who love your classroom, and elevated test scores, this workshop is for you!

Workshop Highlights:
  • Pump up the fun, friendships, and liking for learning and each other with Classbuilding and Teambuilding
  • Experience why group work simply doesn't work for everyone, and why Kagan Structures do
  • Save valuable time and energy with easy-to-use structures that make lesson planning a snap
  • Keep students on task and effectively manage disruptions with engaging structures
  • Master the different types of pairs and teams, how to form them, and when to use them
  • Provide students the will to work together and the skills to do so successfully
  • Take away hot management tips that will make managing your cooperative class a snap
  • Fully understand and implement basic principles that spell success for your students Create an environment where all students are accountable for complete engagement, everyday

2 Day
Workshops only
£320.00 + VAT

(ie £384.00 including VAT)

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Presenter: Gavin Clowes

Timings for Workshop

8.30 am Registration

9.00 am - 3.45 pm Workshop

Workshop 1—Introduction Level 1, Days 1 & 2 : :

For those colleagues who are new to Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures. This workshop introduces the basic (P.I.E.S) principles of Cooperative Learning as well as 10 excellent Kagan Structures with rationale and help planning them into your own classroom practice.


Workshop 2—Returners Level 1, Days 3 & 4 : :

For colleagues eager to learn more Kagan Structures. It is a pre-requisite that you have completed the first two-day workshop before attending.

This workshop extends your knowledge of the basic Kagan Structures. You’ll leave with a toolbox full of Kagan Structures, proven strategies that are easy to use tomorrow and for a lifetime.

Special Discount Package Level 1, Days 1 & 2: Available only to participants at the time of registration.
You will receive your materials at the event:

  1. Kagan Cooperative Learning Book
  2. Teambuilding Book
  3. Classbuilding Book
  4. Cooperative Learning Structures Smartcard
Regular Price £85.00. Your Price £68.00.Save £17.00! Code: CCL1B
Special Discount Package Level 1, Days 3 & 4: Available only to participants at the time of registration.
You will receive your materials at the event:

  1. SmartCard Teacher Toolbox - Contains 33 SmartCards
  2. 59 Kagan Structures Book
  3. MegaTimer
Regular Price £159.00. Your Price £129.00.Save £30.00! Code: CCLBP

“Fantasic! Ready to take into class with impact. Great balance between theory, evidence and practical examples. The Instructor: Knowledgeable, articulate, engaging, fun and a great model. Thank you.”

Darren Daly, Year 6 Teacher.

“Once again an amazing course! I feel invigorated and feel as though I’m ready to ‘go’ with a box full of Kagan Structures. The instructor: fun, creative and amusing. Gavin is truly passionate about Kagan Cooperative Learning and it’s benefits. His Enthusiasm has rubbed off on me and I can’t wait to try these ideas in the classroom. Truly inspiring to see the magic of Kagan.”

Owen Haywood, KS3 & KS4 Teacher.

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