The Dramatically Different ClassroomMI Activities Across the Curriculum Christine Laitta and Mark Weakland (All Grades/ All Key Stages) Awaken the Einsteins, Hepburns, and Shakespeares within your class! Multiple intelligences theory teaches us that students have different interests, different abilities, and learn differently. Spanning the intelligences, these 100 plus activities are designed to release the hidden genius in students with all intelligences, especially those who learn through movement and music. You'll love these innovative ways to present your everyday curriculum including: Character Monologues, Wax Museum, Math Theater, and Soaring through the Solar System. Your mathematics, language arts, science and health, and social studies come alive through creative dramatics. Learning is more engaging for all students, and definitely more memorable. Includes terrific classbuilders and energising brain breaks. Make a dramatic difference in your classroom! 216 pages.

The Dramatically Different Classroom

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