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60 Kagan Structures - More Proven Engagement Strategies

In this must have Kagan reference guide you get step-by-step Kagan Structures that you'll use time and time again. More structures means more tools in your teaching toolbox to create more student engagement, more student learning and more success.

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Kagan Structures are revolutionary engagement strategies. Why? Because they create an unparelled level of student engagement. Kagan Structures create a competitive and caring class tone by putting students on the same side as they interact in pairs, small teams and with classmates.

New Pathways

Please listen to the 50 second clips below taken from Bryn's new relaxation album New Pathways. Each track is approximately 10 minutes in length.

1 New Beginnings
2 Blue Chill
3 Resolve
4 New Pathways
5 Hymn To
6 Solace
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BKS & BKS2 Combo
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